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Knoll Infrastructure Improvements
Knoll Area Infrastructure Improvements

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank

This Project integrates several utility and roadway improvement needs into one coordinated design and construction effort.  The scope of work includes the following:

  • Expand the chilled water network from the new Main Energy Plant to the Knoll area to meet east bank campus distribution needs
  • Reconstruct deteriorated roadway corridors, parking areas, and sidewalks
  • Upgrade water and sewer systems including mains and service connections
  • Consolidate and optimize service access points and vehicle parking areas
  • Repair shallow utility tunnels, replace electrical duct
  • Renew exterior lighting and add security cameras
Phase II Construction May 14th 2020 - September 4th 2020

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Project Knoll Area insfrastructure Improvements
Design HTPO Engineering
Construction Loeffler
Gross Square Footage N/A
Project Cost $11,680,000
Construction Start May 2019
Completion September 2020