Projects Recently Completed

Projects Recently Completed

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  The project renovates a newly acquired 116,000 SF facility for the new Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, combining current groups from the Office of Academic and Clinical Affairs, the College of Education and Human Development, and the Medical School.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  This project renovates and adds to the existing CMRR facility to create space for the MDT (Minnesota Discovery Team) Optical Imaging program. Additional space will house a new magnet to enhance magnetic resonance research.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  The project renovates the existing facility of 18,700 SF and provides a new 12,000 SF addition to combine the relocated Lab School and the Child Development Center into a unified program.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  This 60,100 SF project renovates one of the Twin Cities campus' oldest and most iconic buildings to provide modern teaching, learning, and research space.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - The project renovates former clinic space into 5,180 SF of office space, including faculty offices, 16 open workstations, conference spaces, and common break and copy/work areas. 

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - This renovation includes 6,800 GSF of classroom and support space with retractable partitions to accommodate different class sizes, storage space, a faculty touchdown office,

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - This Project is new construction on two University owned parcels at the intersection of 16th Avenue SE and 4th Street SE. 

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank

The Field House Exterior Envelope and Flooring project revitalizes the Field House and extends the useful life of the building. Existing Cemesto (asbestos) exterior panels were abated and replaced with a new exterior insulated metal panel and translucent glazing system. 

Twin Cities Campus | St. Paul

The project constructed a new greenhouse addition to the Plant Growth Facilities West Greenhouse District of the St Paul Campus for the College of Biological Sciences Conservatory. The new greenhouse furnished with modern temperature, humidity, and lighting controls. 

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank

This project demolishes, renovates and constructs a new Health Sciences Education Center for the Academic Health Center at the current site of VFW/ Masonic Memorial and Phillips-Wangensteen Building on the Twin Cities East Bank Campus.