Projects Recently Completed

Projects Recently Completed

Twin Cities Campus | St. Paul - The Suite 32 Reconfiguration project involves interior demolition and renovation of 5,400 GSF on the ground level of the existing McNeal Hall in Saint Paul to create a signature departmental teaching studio space for the College of Design

Twin Cities Campus | Landscape Arboretum : The Myers Education Center serves as the second of a three-building complex on the 28- acre Landscape Arboretum east campus. The new building is a 4,560 GSF single-story wood framed building inspired by a farmhouse and complements the adjacent east campus structures.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - This project renovated the 18,000 gsf second floor of the Dwan Variety Club Cardiovascular Research Center Building in the Health Sciences district of the East Bank Minneapolis campus. The renovation demolished the existing individual inefficient labs to create contemporary open wet bench research labs with shared core facilities.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - This project renovated 11,300 SF of existing space in the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, located in Murphy Hall. Spaces enhanced by the renovation include lower‐level classroom spaces, media lab library, broadcast studio, and adjacent support space.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  The project renovates a newly acquired 116,000 SF facility for the new Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, combining current groups from the Office of Academic and Clinical Affairs, the College of Education and Human Development, and the Medical School.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  This project renovates and adds to the existing CMRR facility to create space for the MDT (Minnesota Discovery Team) Optical Imaging program. Additional space will house a new magnet to enhance magnetic resonance research.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank  This 60,100 SF project renovated one of the Twin Cities campus' oldest and most iconic buildings to provide modern teaching, learning, and research space.

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - Renovating approximately 57,500 GSF of the existing Lind Hall Building (basement, second, and third floors) located on the East Bank of the Twin Cities Campus. 

Twin Cities Campus | East Bank - The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) renovated a portion of the existing Institute of Child Development (ICD) Building and add 46,941 GSF for the Institute of Child Development.