bone lab
Phillips-Wangensteen Building (PWB): 8-310 Temporal Bone Lab Relocation

This relocation project includes the renovation of PWB 8-310 (730 SF) to accommodate 16-20 temporal bone lab stations, involving the demolition of existing casework, new fume hoods, and interior walls. Each lab-type station will have power, data, sink/water, vacuum, microscope connected to video output, microscopic drill (requires above average filtration), eyewash/shower, and audio-visual connection. 

ProjectPhillips-Wangensteen Building (PWB): 8-310 Temporal Bone Lab Relocation
DesignU+B Architects
ConstructionLS Black
Gross Square Footage730 SF
Project Cost$1,206,840
Construction StartDecember 2023
CompletionJuly 2024