Carlson School of Management (CSOM) Building Revitalization

The CSOM Building Revitalization Project seeks to address the many challenges businesses and business leaders are facing in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse world. This project proposes to align the functionality of teaching and scholarship user space with new pedagogical and technological trends. The project seeks to right-size spaces to support Carlson School programs and enable the creation and sharing of knowledge through spaces that are adaptable over time. Utilization of existing space will be improved through more flexible and diverse learning environments, facilitating student, staff, and faculty collaboration. The project will also address building infrastructure systems, accessibility, and other deficiencies.


Project Carlson School of Management (CSOM) Building Revitalization
ConstructionJE Dunn
Gross Square Footage 
Project Cost$40,000,000
Construction StartAugust 2024
CompletionDecember 2025