Future of Advanced Agricultural Research in Minnesota (FAARM)

The 1,600-acre FAARM research complex will include approximately 660,000 sq ft of agriculture, animal, research/lab, teaching, and office/administration space, as well as housing, visitor center, outreach, and support. The primary objectives of the FAARM project are to: 
• Proactively address opportunities to shape the future of animal agriculture through the world’s most integrated site for agricultural research, education, and outreach.
• Create a Living Agricultural Laboratory to provide an immersive educational experience, basic and applied research opportunities for faculty, a convening space for cross-pollination of sectors and idea generation, and an unparalleled resource for industry in the development of advanced agriculture practices.


Future of Advanced Agricultural Research in Minnesota


Gross Square Footage1600 acres
Project Cost$ 2,500,000 (Predesign Only)
Construction StartJanuary 2027
CompletionSeptember 2029